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Our Music and Parody Show was a huge success, thanks to our contestants Steve Nelson (Elvis Presley) and Christine G Nelson, Brysja Pshkshetusskaja (Ludmila Gurchenko), Oleg Kuznetsov (Eduard Syrovy) and Dmitry Baishev, Natalia Kim (Lolita) and Konstantin Kim (Alexandr Tzekalo), Ksenia Coulter (Vladimir Presnyakov), Iana Best (Julia Andrews), and Anna Sheremetieva (Angelika Varum)! You were great!

And the Winner is… Iana Best!!! You are the best! (score 140) The second place goes to… Ksenia Coulter (133)! Congratulations! The honor of the third place… shared Oleg Kuznetsov/ Dmitry Baishev and Anna Sheremetieva- 128 votes. Great gob!

And Audience Award goes to… Steve Nelson and Christine Nelson! Thank you!

Thanks to our fair judges Val Pashchuk, Nadezda Khlynovskaya, and Mihail Voldman!

Thanks to our sponsors Dave Wormington, Lana Milashenko, and Arina Yuzhakova!

Thanks to the cooks from Remarkable Events Iryna Diulina and Ludmila Shuhto!

Thanks to Voice of Alberta, Samovar Show, and personally Irina Makeeva, Zoar Shteinbach, Iana Best, and Anna Sheremetieva for Media support!

Thanks to the Russian Stores and especially Galina Safronova, the owner of Yummy Russia!

Thanks to our vendor Terry Sas!

Thanks to Felix Etin, sound technician, MC, and DJ!

Thanks to our MCs Lilia Husnitdinova, Mihail Frid, and Andrey Krymkine!

Thanks to Tomas Stuart!

Thanks to Dave Wormington, the Bartender!

Thanks to make-up artist Nadya Voloshenko!

Thanks to the Committee of Slavyansky Cultural Club!

Thanks to all our wonderful guests!

PS. On the picture- Iana Best, the Winner of Music and Parody Show

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